We are experts at creating and optimising eCommerce shopping feeds from Google Product Search, to Amazon, NexTag, Ciao, Yahoo Shopping and Shopping.com. The use of comparison shopping engines is becoming more dominant as comparison shopping sites make online shoppers lives easier.

Shopping Comparison Search Engines

Shopping search engines allow customers to compare products, features, and pricing, they also show consumer and expert ratings and store locations. All of these features can be optimised so that your products rank higher in shopping engines. Many retailers sell their products across hundreds or thousands of web pages at a time, submitting and optimising all those products to shopping engines can be a time consuming job. Additionally shopping feeds need to be continuously optimised to ensure that they adhere to the individual desires of each engine.

Increase Product Visibility and Sales

Reallife Technologies Bangladesh offers specialist shopping feed management services. We know how to increase online retailer’s product visibility and sales across numerous shopping engines and portals. From developing a comprehensive feed management strategy, to monitoring feeds to ensure the most up to date products are submitted. Reallife Technologies Bangladesh ensures that retailers are getting the most out of their feeds.


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